Energy Management, Inc. (“EMI”) is a privately held energy company with a more than 40-year track record of developing, financing, constructing and operating clean energy projects. EMI management and employees possess a broad range of experience across all aspects of energy project development and multiple technologies including natural gas, biomass, offshore wind, solar, and battery energy storage.


EMI has a more than 20-year history in the River Valley as the original developer, owner, and operator of the Rumford Power gas-fired combined cycle project on Industrial Park Road in Rumford. Although EMI sold the plant in the early 2000s, we have maintained an interest in the area through the present day.


Recently EMI began construction on a 3.9 megawatt solar project on Industrial Park Road in Rumford that is scheduled for completion in May of 2021. The project, Rumford Park Solar, is part of the State’s Net Energy Billing program and is actively looking for residential and small commercial customers to participate in the Project. Customers can subscribe to the Rumford Park Solar project and receive up to 10% savings on their electric utility bill with zero up-front cost. We encourage all Central Maine Power customers in the River Valley and beyond to reach out  to us directly to learn how you can sign up for savings. Reach out directly to Zac Gordon at 617-869-7987 or For more information about EMI, please visit our website


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