Joe learned how to print t-shirts in Boston when he moved down to be near me (Tara) while I was going to college (aww...isn't he sweet?). He became the screen printer for a company that sold tee shirts on pushcarts in downtown Boston and on Boston Common. After we got married, we wanted to move back home to Maine, so Joe worked out an arrangement with his boss that allowed us to set up a production shop in Maine and ship the shirts to Boston. Before long, people started asking for custom shirts and we realized there was a need in our area for professional, custom screen printing provided by a team that was focused on quality and dependable customer service. I began learning graphic design (and the ins, outs, oohs and ahs of running a business - eek!), Joe expanded his printing knowledge to keep up with the latest trends and techniques, and Jarato Screen Printing was born.

And the name? Well...not really knowing if our business would take off, we nevertheless needed a unique name for all of our "official" business. So after some brainstorming, we realized that if we put both of our names together and shuffled the letters a bit, it sounded kinda catchy ("J"+"ara"+T+"oe" (then DROP the "e" 'cause do you really want "toe" at the end??) = "Jarato"). Not the deepest of meanings, but that's that!

So enough about us. Let's get busy making YOUR shirts!!!

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