Here at Operation ReBoot Outdoors we provide what we believe to be a necessary service to Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) & Service Members-- providing camaraderie. As an organization, our number one priority is creating an atmosphere of brotherhood and giving our ReBoot veterans a sense of purpose again. We use outdoor “missions” leveraging hunting, fishing, & other outdoor recreational activities as a way to heal. We are helping close the gap between military and civilian life that claims the lives of 22 heroes a day. Here at ORO, we provide a sense of security and belonging for those who suffer combat trauma and physical limitations. Everyone is welcome to join us for a mission at no cost, regardless of disability; we understand that not all traumas can be seen. If you served our country honorably, we’d love to have you.

Our administrative and support team is housed primarily in Turner, Maine, but our Base Camp is now located in Byron, Maine.

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887 Upper Street, Turner, Maine 04282, United States