Open For Take Out


Sam’s Italian Foods has been serving up delicious Italian food since 1939. It all began with Sam Bennett, making salami Italians in a small shop located near the intersection of Minot Avenue and Elm Street in Auburn, where the cement foundation can be found today. Sam strived to serve the best Italians with freshest ingredients and the freshest bread. Sam established our motto that we still strive for today “Courtesy, Quality & Service”. Sam’s business outgrew his first shop very quickly and he moved the shop to Downtown Main Street in Lewiston, where it still exists today. Overtime, Sam’s has grown in many different ways. In 1946, our very own bakery was opened. With the addition of pizza, in 1950, our menu began to expand as well. Our greatest growth started in 1982 with the opening of a new location in Auburn. Since then, we have expanded into many neighborhoods throughout Maine.”

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