Cheryl A.G. Dickson, Executive Director
 Joined the Chamber in 1992 and I became a director at the same time. I was nominated and elected treasurer my first year. In 1994 I became president after the president elect declined the position. I held this position from 1994-1999. I became president again in 2001 and held that position through 2003. In 2005, I retired from the board. In 2006, I was appointed a director to fill a vacant seat on the board and then was elected president and held that position through 2007. In January of 2009 I was appointed president to fill the term as the prior president retired due to medical reasons. I remained as President until May of 2010 when I then became past president. I retired from the Chamber Board of Directors in April of 2011 after serving on the board for 19 years.

I decided to come back on the board as an alternate director in 2012 to again be active in the community without all the responsibilities of previous positions. In 2013 accepted a part-time position as Chamber Administrator.

I truly believe in the Chamber and what it stands for. I have a passion for seeing the Chamber grow in membership and credibility and had returned to a directorship for that reason. I’ve got many volunteer hours invested in the Chamber and feel that with the team that I have been working with over the last 23 years, that I have made a difference.

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