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HBC Maine is a cannabis company based

out of the Western Maine mountains. High Brix Cannabis (HBC) is grown in a balanced, mineralized soil that allows the plant to grow to its full genetic potential. Brix is the measure of mineral sugars within the plant sap. To measure success and monitor this type of growing; a refractometer is used to measure the brix. We also monitor plant sap weekly for pH, EC, and NO₃, and Na.

We grow this way because it produces a higher quality, more insect and disease

resistant plant, with a cleaner and clearer high, and the best possible flavor.

Leo has been growing medical marijuana for many years and exploring many organic methods of growing, eventually ignoring all other cannabis industry standards. He then began to study agronomy and chemistry and the teachings of Dr. Carey Reams and brought all these ideas together to grow high brix cannabis.

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