The mission of Friends of River Valley is to provide support to those in need in Maine's Western Androscoggin River Valley (the "River Valley") by:

  • Raising funds and other assets to improve the nutritional, educational, wellness, and social needs of the children and those in need throughout the River Valley;
  • Investigating current programs and implementing alternative programs to support the River Valley's economic recovery and assist the portions of the River Valley that have been severely impacted by the substantial decrease in employment opportunities in the area created by the demise of many small manufacturing plants and the substantial reduction ion the labor force needs in the paper making industry;
  • Investing funds and efforts to combat the neglect and abuse of children throughout the River Valley;
  • Coordinating with existing public, private, and other non-profit organizations to combat the opioid crisis occurring throughout the River Valley and assist the children living in the River Valley that are negatively impacted by the crisis;
  • Establishing a long-term financial program that will be used to arm the River Valley's children, and others in need, with skills that will allow them to successfully navigate the nutritional, educational, and social hurdles that they are and likely will be facing; and
  • Providing financial support to existing public, private, and other non-profit organizations that are focused on the above activities.


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