The Hope Association is a group of family members, friends and interested individuals who started a grassroots effort in 1956 to encourage and allow their family members with disabilities to live in and be counted on as valuable members of their own community in the Rumford and Mexico, Maine area of Northern Oxford County. The initial programs started out in education and evolved into day programs, work programs, 4 residential homes and several independent living programs, employment programs and now brain injury services. The Associationªs services focus on providing supports for individuals with a broad variety of disabilities and helping them to focus on their many capabilities.


The Association has 2 viable retail businesses: The Briar Patch Greenhouse and the What Not Shop Second Hand/Thrift store. Both of these businesses provide training and work opportunities for individuals with disabilities while raising supports for the Association's many programs. The Hope Association's Rural Employment Network (REN) helps individuals with disabilities to find, secure and hold on to viable work opportunities in the Oxford, Franklin and Androscoggin County areas. All of the Hope Associationªs programs and services focus on an individualized, person centered approaches to helping people to achieve remarkable goals and objectives.

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