Peru lies on the south side of the Androscoggin in the eastern part of Oxford County. On the north, separated by the Androscoggin, are Mexico and Dixfield; on the east is Canton; on the south, Hartford and Sumner; on the west, Franklin and Rumford. Worthley Pond, 3 miles in length by half a mile in width, lies in the southern part of the town, and two small ponds in the south-west are the source of the east branch of Twenty-Mile River. Near the middle of the town is a group of live large hills, of which the most notable are Poland Mountain and Tumble Down Dick, perhaps 1,000 feet in height. On the soathern line is Ricker Mountain, with Stockwell Hill in the northern part. The rock is granite, and the soil a dark loam. The latter is quite free from stones, and ploughed fields are often found even to the top of the hills. Hay is the largest crop, and niuch attention is given to sheep raising and hop growing. The town has five lumbermills, manufacturing long and short lumber, wooden bowls, etc. There are also found the other small manufactures common in rural-towns. The buildings generally throughout the town are in good repair, and the inhabitants seem thrifty. The nearest railroad connection is at Canton, 8 miles down the river from the centre of the town.

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