Discover Maine Magazine is dedicated to bringing the amazing history of the great state of Maine to readers in every corner of the state and to those from away who love the rich heritage and traditions of Maine. From the history of Maine's mill towns, to the traditions of family farming and coastal fishing, nine times a year Discover Maine's stories tell of life in the cities and towns across Maine as it was years ago.

Each year we publish 8 editions of Discover Maine, covering every part of our state. Our enthusiasm for exploring the history of Maine, its people and its towns only grows deeper with each new story and great old photograph we publish.

It has been and will continue to be our honor to share the tales and pictures of our great state. We appreciate the opportunity to Discover Maine with you!

Discover Maine Magazine is distributed to shopping centers, news stands, grocery and convenience stores, motels, restaurants, retailers and many other establishments and locations throughout all of Maine.

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